SEICAA’s Board of Directors is seeking a member to serve as a Low-Income Sector Representative. This is a volunteer position. Applicants must meet one of the following criteria to be qualified:

  1. You must live in a low-income area (51% or more of the households in the U.S. Census Tract have an income at or below 80% of the area median income, as defined by HUD);
  2. Have a household income at or below 80% of the area median income for the area in which you live;
  3. Or have been elected by a “Low Income Neighborhood Organization.”

Applicants are chosen in accordance with a democratic selection process to assure he or she accurately represents low-income individuals and families in SEICAA’s service area. Qualified applicants are elected by low-income population in the service area. The ballot election will include a short bio for the applicant(s) during the election process. Outcome of the election is presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the next scheduled meeting.

This position will remain open until filled. Those interested in applying can access the Board Member application and submittal instructions here.