Family Development

Family Development provides one-on-one case management with nationally certified staff members. The Family Development Program is family focused and centered on strength-based goals to empower families to become self-sufficient. The basic components of the curriculum provide budget counseling, goal setting, and provide educational opportunities for enrolled households.

Information, Referral & Advocacy Programs

Information and Referral services are available to assist participants find various community resources in addition to agency services.  Agency personnel search for the best resources, making phone and/or written contacts to link participants with adequate services.

Food and Nutrition Programs

SEICAA strives to provide nutrition education and emergency food assistance for low-income citizens in southeastern Idaho.

  • USDA Commodities – Food is received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and distributed to southeastern Idaho income eligible households.
  • Market Salvage – Agency personnel collect food from particiapting area businesses daily. Then the food is sorted and distributed daily to eligible program participants and community social service providers.
  • Nutrition Education – Participants are provided on-going education and recipes to enhance varieties of food preparation and ways to stretch food budgets.
  • Meals On Wheels – See Senior Services for more information.

Fuel Funds

SEICAA personnel administer a variety of fuel funds in southeastern Idaho.  These funds range from utility customer donations to corporate giving to funds generated from community/agency fundraisers. Fuel funds are distributed on a case-by-case basis. Program guidelines apply.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Commonly referred to as Energy Assistance. Income eligible participants apply annually for a once per year cash benefit to assist with winter heating bills. Factors determining eligibility are household income, historical consumption amount, number of household members and geographic location. For more details, visit the Energy Assistance page.

Personal Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products in the form of soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving supplies, dental care items, and feminine hygiene products are available to income-eligible participants. The products are received through community donations and small grants and are distributed on a limited basis.

School Supplies and Fees Assistance

School supplies are available to income-eligible participants.  The supplies are received through community donations and are distributed on a limited basis.

Working Closet

The working closet contains clothing items appropriate for the work force.  This is available to income-eligible participants working towards getting back into the workforce.  The clothing and supplies are received through community donations and are distributed on a limited basis.

Income Guidelines

The income guidelines listed in the table below determines eligibility many SEICAA programs.  They are divided into 3 groups.

125% of the Poverty Guideline is eligible for: Working Closet, Rental & Utility Assistance, School Supplies, Information & Referral, Stone Soup Funds/Assistance, Project Warmth Funds/Assistance, & United Way Funds/Assistance.

133% of the Poverty Guideline is eligible for: USDA Commodities/TEFAP, ITSAP.

150% of the Poverty Guideline is eligible for: LIHEAP, LIHEAP Crisis, Lend-A-Hand.

  125% 133% 150%
Family Size Monthly Income Limit 3 Mo. Income Limit Monthly Income Limit 3 Mo. Income Limit Monthly Income Limit 3 Mo. Income Limit
1 $1,226 $3,678 $1,304 $3,913 $1,471 $4,413
2 $1,659 $4,978 $1,765 $5,296 $1,991 $5,973
3 $2,092 $6,278 $2,226 $6,680 $2,511 $7,533
4 $2,526 $7,578 $2,687 $8,063 $3,031 $9,093
5 $2,959 $8,878 $3,148 $9,446 $3,551 $10,653
6 $3,392 $10,178 $3,609 $10,829 $4,071 $12,213
7 $3,826 $11,478 $4,070 $12,212 $4,591 $13,773
8 $4,259 $12,778 $4,532 $13,596 $5,111 $15,333
Ea. Add’l Member $433 $1,300 461 1383 $520 $1,560