Having a GED Increases Job Opportunities and Allows Access to Higher Education

SEICAA provides individualized assistance with the costs associated for the GED testing.

  • Participants need to be at or below CSBG federal poverty guidelines (see below).
  • SEICAA will pay for participants to take the GED test up to three times in one calendar year.

To find out more information,  contact 232-1114.

Income Guidelines

Family Size Monthly Income 3 Month Income
1 person $1,238 $3,713
2 person $1,669 $5,007
3 person $2,100 $6,300
4 person $2,532 $7,594
5 person $2,963 $8,888
6 person $3,394 $10,182
7 person $3,827 $11,479
8 person $4,260 $12,779
Each additional person, add $434 $1,300

Income guidelines are approximate. If you think you may be over income, please contact SEICAA for a full eligibility determination.

About the GED Test

  • The GED test is composed of five sections: Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science.
  • GED Testing sites in Eastern Idaho are ISU’s counseling and testing center in Pocatello, and EITC in Idaho Falls.