Daniel M. says…


"Thank you for all of the work you did to our home! You can’t imagine the peace of mind the new furnace and stove have brought to us…I’ve already seen a substantial drop in the amount of propane delivered."

Daniel M. says…2021-12-28T00:23:40+00:00

Gloria P. says…


"I am so grateful for the work done on my mobile home. I could not have accomplished it myself. [SEICAA’s Weatherization Team] was very polite and nice. They certainly did an excellent job. Thank you very much!"

Gloria P. says…2021-12-28T00:23:02+00:00

Helen H. says…


"Thank you for the wonderful gift of new windows, doors, and insulation! Everything was done to perfection and I am so grateful for all you’ve done for me."

Helen H. says…2022-02-24T20:07:52+00:00
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