Program Information

SEICAA’s Adopt a Family Program is an annual, collaborative effort between SEICAA and community donors (or sponsors) that aims to brighten the holiday season for families in need. Made possible by the generous support from local businesses and individuals, the Program distributes clothing, gift cards, and toys to participating families the week before Christmas. Donations received from sponsors not only help provide a desired holiday experience for children, but also instills a sense of hope and giving.

Program Guidelines (Participants)

If your family or someone you know would benefit from SEICAA’s Adopt a Family Program, please contact our Bannock County office for a Program Application. Applications may be completed in-person or over the phone.

While some families are identified by their participation in other SEICAA Community Services programs, others may seek assistance due to unpredictable circumstances. To qualify, families must meet the following criteria:

  • Families must be income-eligible.
  • Children receiving gifts must be 18 years old or younger and live in the family’s household.
  • Families cannot have applied for other Adopt a Family assistance programs.

Applications must be returned to SEICAA’s Bannock County office.

SEICAA’s Adopt a Family Program is reliant on the number its sponsors and its donations; therefore, slots for participating families and supplies are limited. Families will be served on a first come, first served basis. SEICAA will do its best to fulfill all requests.

Program Guidelines (Sponsors)

If you’re interested in becoming an Adopt a Family sponsor, please contact SEICAA’s Bannock County office by calling (208) 232-1114 or sending an e-mail to

Each family participating in the Program completes an application, on which their household size, age, gender, and gift ideas are provided. The family’s application helps sponsors by acting as a helpful guide to follow. Though families are matched to sponsors by SEICAA, we understand not every gift idea or request can be fulfilled. Therefore, we have provided a few guidelines for purchasing gifts below:

  • Sponsors determine what gifts he/she/they will donate to their family.
  • Generally, one or two gifts between $10.00 and $15.00 per person is suggested; however, sponsors are welcome to purchase more.
  • Sponsors are not required to purchase gifts for adults (18+ years old) or for their family’s parents.

Don’t want to shop? You may make a monetary donation to SEICAA instead.

(Note: Please indicate that your monetary donation is for the Adopt a Family program.)

Sponsors may also adopt more than one family.

Gifts to be donated must be delivered to SEICAA. After donations are received, SEICAA distributes them to the participating families.