Program Information

Meals on Wheels provides both nutritious meals and emotional support for qualified, homebound seniors and disabled individuals in Bannock County. Dedicated staff contribute to the overall health and safety of clients by supplying nutrition education and information, conducting regular safety checks, and referring individuals to other community-based programs to assist with additional needs they may have.

Program Guidelines

Applicants must be one of the following to qualify:

  • 60+ Years Old
  • Disabled (For example, the applicant is not able to operate appliances, such as ovens or microwaves.)
  • Homebound (For example, the individual is not able to operate a vehicle safely.)

To apply, applicants must complete an application with SEICAA Meals on Wheels staff over the phone. Our staff will discuss the different types of assistance programs applicants may qualify for (see below), as well as further steps needed to determine eligibility.

  • The Subsidized Elderly Meal Program is exclusively for homebound individuals who meet the program’s Federal guidelines. Meal costs are paid through federal funding.
  • Clients in the Medicaid/HCBS Program are deemed eligible through Idaho Health and Welfare. Typically, meal costs are paid by Medicaid, but some clients are responsible for a portion of their monthly meal costs.
  • The Private Pay Program is reserved for individuals who are not eligible for the other programs or who choose to pay full price for their meals.

Meals offered meet 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) requirements, set by local dieticians. Weekend and holiday meals are available. Our staff update participant information daily with meal contents, delivery instructions, and dietary restrictions.