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Program Information

SEICAA’s Weatherization Program provides energy conservation services to income eligible households in Southeastern Idaho. As of 2020, the Program has helped over 8,500 homes throughout southeastern Idaho become more energy efficient. The Program concentrates on and repairs problems related to heat and air filtration, such as broken windows, insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, and indoor air quality issues. If a home is eligible, material improvements may also be made.

Program Guidelines

The Program is available to those who qualify year round. Renters, as well as home buyers, are eligible to apply for services. Weatherization services are based on eligibility for the services. Income limits apply in most cases.

A program auditor performs an energy audit before any work begins. Depending on the problem the participant describes, the auditor may measure multiple parts of the home, check the home for air leakage or infiltration, and check the home’s heating system, insulation levels, and water heater. Where each home is allotted a set amount of repairs, the auditor follows Federal guidelines to determine what repairs will be done.

Once the repairs are finished, the auditor provides energy conservation education for the homeowner or renter to ensure not only that the repairs performed are maintained, but also that best practices designed to make homes more energy efficient are outlined.

Income Guidelines

Family Size Monthly Income 3 Month Income
1 $2,265 $6,795
2 $3,051 $9,155
3 $3,838 $11,515
4 $4,625 $13,875
5 $5,411 $16,235
6 $6,198 $18,595
7 $6,985 $20,955
8 $7,771 $23,315
Each Add. Person, Add: $786 $2,360
Effective April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023. Income guidelines are approximate. If you think you may be over income, please contact SEICAA for a full eligibility determination.