General Information

SEICAA hosts several events throughout the year, including fundraisers, luncheons, open houses, and poverty simulations. Proceeds from fundraisers benefit the Agency’s divisions directly while other events demonstrate SEICAA’s impact on the community it serves. Those interested in participating need only call their local SEICAA office for more information! SEICAA is a host or partner for the following events:

Adopt A Family

(Bannock County, Power County)

SEICAA’s Adopt A Family is a holiday assistance program that matches businesses, organizations, and individuals with qualified families who could use some help celebrating the holidays.

Community Action Poverty Simulations

Community Action Poverty Simulations (CAPS) are designed to help participants better understand the challenges typical, low-income families face trying to survive month to month.

The Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive

(Bannock County, Bear Lake County, Power County)

Founded by Care Connection of Idaho in 2013 and adopted by SEICAA in 2017, the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive is a holiday program that aspires to stave off the effects of isolation and loneliness by spreading happiness to local senior citizens.

The Urban Invasion Obstacle Challenge

(Bannock County)

Arguably SEICAA’s most popular event, the Urban Invasion Obstacle Challenge is Pocatello, Idaho’s only 5K obstacle race.