Program Information

Founded by Care Connection of Idaho in 2013 and adopted by SEICAA in 2017, the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive is a holiday program that aspires to stave off the effects of isolation and loneliness by spreading happiness to local senior citizens. Participants receive friendly visits and a stocking, or “sock,” filled to the brim with donated goods from businesses and individuals in our community.

Over 3,000 senior citizens have benefitted from the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive since its inception. And, with the generosity and support of its donors, sponsors, and volunteers, the Stocking Drive grows each year. The 2021 Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive soared to incredible heights just this year, gifting a record-breaking 856 stockings to senior citizens in Pocatello and Chubbuck. The Stocking Drive’s popularity further inspired the launch of the Socks for Seniors Power County Stocking Drive in 2020 and the Bear Lake County Stocking Drive in 2021.  The result of the continued dedication from local businesses and individuals to the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive is not just happier and healthier senior citizens, but also a stronger, more unified community.

Program Guidelines

Each Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive is exclusive to its respective county; therefore, donations received by one Stocking Drive will not be gifted to seniors participating in another (for example, seniors residing in Pocatello or Chubbuck will NOT receive stockings from Power County’s Stocking Drive).

Seniors who are 55 years old or older may request a stocking from the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive in their county. To request a stocking, simply complete the Socks for Seniors 2021 Participant Application Form and return it to your local SEICAA office. Applications may also be received electronically by e-mailing

Want to Get Involved?

If you are considering supporting any one of the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drives as a donation site or as a volunteer, you are encouraged to reach out! Please contact the SEICAA office hosting the Stocking Drive in your county or email for more information.

Office Phone
Bannock County (208) 232-1114
Bear Lake County (208) 847-1462
Caribou County (208) 547-4257

You can also show your appreciation for our supporters by following the Socks for Seniors Stocking Drive on SEICAA’s social media platforms. Like and follow the Socks for Seniors Bannock County Stocking Drive on Facebook at @SocksforSeniorsIdaho. All other county Stocking Drives can be followed on SEICAA’s Facebook page at @SEICAACommunityAction and on Twitter at @SEICAA1.