The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a Federal program designed to assist with home heating costs. The program provides a once per year heating season payment on behalf of eligible participants.

The 2018 Energy Assistance season is scheduled to begin making appointments on November 1, 2018. Please contact your local SEICAA office on or after November 1, 2018 to schedule your appointment. If you are a participant in SNAP (Food Stamps), you are presumed eligible for the Energy Assistance program.

SNAP (Food Stamps) recipients need the following information to complete their application:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number
  • Do you Rent or Own your home?  If you Rent, what is your Landlord’s Name, Address & Phone number?
  • If Renting, is your rent subsidized?
  • Your electric bill account number (even if primary heat source is gas) and your account’s Service Agreement Number

If you do NOT receive SNAP (Food Stamps), you will need:

  • Names/birthdates for all household members
  • Social Security numbers for all household members
  • Heating Energy Vendor Name/Account number (utility bill)
  • Electric Vendor Name/Account number (utility bill)
  • Verification of residence address (utility bill)
  • Income verification for the previous 3 months (check stubs, SS/SSI award letters, etc.)
  • If you rent, your Landlord’s name, address, and phone number

An application cannot be processed without the documents listed above.

If you desire to fill out a printable application form for submission, please click here.

For LIHEAP, please call the SEICAA office for an appointment according to the county in which you live. The office phone numbers by county are:

Bannock….. 233-7348
Bear Lake… 847-1462
Bingham….. 785-1583
Caribou…… 547-1462
Franklin…… 852-1515
Oneida……. 766-2737
Power…….. 226-7330

Family Size Monthly Income 3 Month Income
1 person $1,485 $4,455
2 person $2,003 $6,008
3 person $2,520 $7,560
4 person $3,038 $9,113
5 person $3,555 $10,665
6 person $4,073 $12,218
7 person $4,592 $13,775
8 person $5,112 $15,335
Each additional person, add $521 $1,560

Income guidelines are approximate. If you think you may be over income, please contact SEICAA for a full eligibility determination.