SEICAA’s Chief Executive Officer, Debra R. Hemmert, announced this month she will retire at the end of this year.

From SEICAA’s Board of Directors

We, the Board of Directors of Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency, Inc. (SEICAA), formally announce the retirement of our Chief Executive Officer, Debra R. Hemmert (Deb), which will be effective on December 31, 2020.  Debra, or Debbie and/or Deb as her friends and colleagues like to call her, has served at SEICAA for her career of 37 years.

Deb began her work at SEICAA in September of 1983 as the Caribou County Coordinator, a position where she served the constituents of Caribou and Bear Lake County for 13 years. During her tenure as the Caribou County Coordinator, Deb created the still thriving, Project Warmth Golf Tournament fundraiser that generates thousands of unrestricted funds for the Caribou County SEICAA. Hemmert’s visionary leadership and undying commitment to the Agency and its mission were contagious from early on and contributed to many long-standing, successful partnerships and programs, of which, several still exist and thrive today!

Deb progressed in her career with SEICAA by adding the responsibilities of Community Services Director from 1996-2001, serving as the Interim Executive Director in 1997. In October of 2001, Deb was named to the Executive Director/CEO post. Highlights of her tenure would include; the inception of the long-standing Stone Soup Fundraiser, shelter renovation, in partnership with Home Depot to the Freedom Landing Zone homeless Veteran Shelter; the addition of SEICAA’s Self-Help Housing Program that has to date, assisted 90 families in securing affordable homeownership; the grant application to construction and open SEICAA Manor, a 10-unit permanent housing complex for chronically homeless and disabled individuals; and most recently, championing the expansion of the Self- Help Housing Program through the raw land acquisition and development of what is now called the “Alpine Crossing” Subdivision. As a direct result of her visionary leadership, SEICAA is set to construct more than 20 units of affordable homeownership opportunities in Bannock County beginning fall 2021. Most importantly, southeastern Idaho and many lives of local citizens have been positively impacted by SEICAA’s programs and events under her leadership.

Deb is often quoted as, “The “real deal”, a leader who possess a clear vision, is courageous, honest, has humility, and clear focus, whose visionary approach has kept SEICAA on the leading edge in the non- profit industry”.  Though saddened to be losing such a huge piece of the organization and its evolvement and history, our board and staff are truly excited for her as she enters into a new chapter in life and will be celebrating her service in many ways during the months to come.

Deb’s leaving marks the end of an era for SEICAA. She was the first person to see the value in so much of what has made SEICAA the high performing, progressive agency it has grown to be under her leadership. We are indebted to her vision and commitment for propelling us to our present position. Her undying commitment has assured our success for many years to come!

We know we have some giant shoes to fill, be assured that the Board of Directors of SEICAA will search diligently to find the best qualified candidate to succeed Deb as our next CEO and has already begun the process.  We appreciate your encouragement, support and trust as we begin to search for a new leader.

Please watch for more information regarding her retirement celebration in the weeks to come!

We love you Deb!

– SEICAA Board of Directors and Staff Members