250 S. Oak St., Blackfoot, ID 83221

General Information

Based in Bingham County, the South Oak Apartment Complex was acquired and renovated through funds made available by HUD and the Low Income Housing Preservation and Residential Home Ownership Act (LIHPRHA). Applicants for South Oak Apartments must make a minimum income of $1,000/mth. The complex is very close to SEICAA’s Bingham County office. Criminal and credit checks are performed.

RENT: Determined by SEICAA’s Housing Office
SECURITY DEPOSIT: First Full Month’s Rent
UTILITIES: Included in Rent (Does not Include Telephone and Television Services)


  • Onsite Laundry Facilities
  • Off-Street Parking (Tenant Only)

Rent (Includes Utilities)

  • One-Bedroom Apartment: $579 /mo
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment: $626 /mo
  • Three-Bedroom Apartment: $680 /mo