SEICAA’s Veterans Services are available to military veterans who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless. SEICAA employs a case manager who works primarily with this population to empower them to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. The obstacles that veterans face may be in the form of mental illness, chemical dependency, substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and isolation. SEICAA’s case manager is trained extensively in recognizing veterans’ issues and works with them by making referrals to appropriate services and medical personnel, assisting the veteran to attain a self-reliant life.

In 1991, the Veterans Services program was recognized nationally for its efforts to assist veterans who face barriers in integrating into society’s mainstream population. It has also earned the distinction of being unique in the State of Idaho.


Freedom LZ Veterans Emergency Housing

Pocatello, Idaho

SEICAA’s Freedom LZ emergency housing facility is available to military veterans who for one reason or another are homeless. Crisis intervention and case management are provided to the veterans so they can make informed decisions regarding the services needed to enable them to secure employement and move to the community of their choice in permanent housing. Each participant in the Veteran Services Program completes an entrance and exit plan. The plan will state the goals they want to attain, and the resources they will need and use to reach their goals. All support services will be specific to each participant’s needs, and will be provided by SEICAA programs, the Vet Center, Job Service and other community service providers.

Each Veteran has a different set of circumstances that will determine how long they stay in the program. Their stay may be for only a few weeks to 90 days, depending on the number of services they need to complete their plan.